Thursday, 12 June 2008

Ireland votes

Polls have opened in Ireland in their referendum on adoption of the re-named EU Constitution.

Ireland is the only country to be getting a vote on the Lisbon treaty - the requirements of their Constitution not allowing the Irish government to deny the people a say on further transfers of power to EU institutions, as has happened in every other EU country.

Opinion surveys have shown the 'Yes' and 'No' camp neck and neck, but the feeling is that the shock progress by the treaty's opponents revealed last Friday and over the weekend has spurred the government to re-mobilise the much more considerable resources the 'Yes' side has at its disposal.

Nevertheless, the Daily Telegraph reports that diplomats have already been cooking up an alternative to get around the eventuality of a 'No' vote and ensure the treaty is implemented regardless.

Another example of how the EU refuses to accept the outcome of democratic votes that go against its outdated quest to centralise ever more power. So even a 'No' vote is very unlikely to be the end of the story for the EU's plans.

Turnout is crucial to the outcome, with the weather likely to play a role. The forecast would appear to favour the 'Yes' camp with the Irish weather station predicting a dry day with a few showers.

Polling stations are open until 11pm this evening, and with counting due to start on Friday morning the result is likely to be available on Friday afternoon.

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