Wednesday, 2 April 2008

EU announces new propaganda plan

The EU has announced a new plan, funded by millions of pounds of public money, aimed at making itself more popular.

Dubbed "Debate Europe", the plan is part of the Commission's so-called "Plan D" – a scheme launched 2005 to try to turn around public opinion after the No votes to the EU constitution in France and the Netherlands.

As that scheme clearly hasn't been working very well - given neither the French government nor the Dutch dares risk a second referendum on the renamed EU Constitution - EU communications commissioner Margot Wallstrom is having another crack at it.

This time the strategy is to set up a series of debates, seminars, "training sessions" and exhibitions on EU matters, involving EU officials in activities at regional and local levels in the different EU member countries.

The programme has been given a budget of a cool €7.2 million (£5.7 million).

Talking to EUobserver about the plan, Ms Wallstrom says "We must consult citizens [because] when we do, we have a better political agenda and a better political result."

How true! So you'll presumably be supporting calls for a referendum on the renamed EU Constitution Treaty in your home country of Sweden then Ms Wallstrom?

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